A Historical meeting (at Laxmivilas Palace, Vadodara) of members of princely states of Gujarat

On 1st April 2013 between 10.00 am to 4.00p.m ; on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Sir Sayaji Rao Gaekwad and Swami shree Vivekananda; first time after 1949, the Royal members of Princely states of Gujarat met at Historical Laxmi Vilas palace, Vadodara. Total about 75 Maharajas with their family members were present on this great occasion.
Welcome speech was given by Vanod state Inayat Khnaji Rathod. The introduction of organization was given by Satyam Rao. Maharaja Sirohi Raghuveersinhji gave brief account of History of Rajputs of Gujarat state and sir Sayaji Gaekwad of Baroda state.
Member of Core committee of Samasta Gujarat Raj put Samaj Dr. Jayendrasinh Jadeja explained How Name” Bharat Varsh” was given to our Great nation from Great Emperor “ Bharat”, A Chandravanshi Raj put and son of Shakuntala and King Dushyant. Dr. Jayendrasinh told government to either start privy purses and special rights to ex-kings of India or to stop pension to elected representatives like MLA or M.P. We gave our kingdoms for the sake of unity of the Nation (which we had earned by lakh and crores of sacrifices of our heads!) and still our special rights were stopped, bur why pensions of these people are started, without sacrifices? Also this is breach of a promise given by architects of modern India! He told that core –committee of Samasta Gujarat Raj put Samaj decided to call Mohanji Bhagvat as chief guest because RSS has respect for culture, heritage of the Nation. He also gave tribute to Sir Sayaji Rao Gaekwad and swami Vivekananda
RSS chief Mohanji Bhagvat told that “I have seen so many Maharajas first time in my life! I read in novels, but I never met them! I felt very happy to learn that they have gathered here to do some constructive work for the society and nation. The nation needs services of Kshatriya for protection of dharma and the nation. The definition of Kshatriya is “person who saves from ‘kshatee’ (defects) is called kshatriya. The nation needs qualities of Kshatriya especially at this time. Swami Vivekananda asked to care for not only human beings but trees, animals and for all mankind! The education does not mean to care for self only! If you care for others; then it is true education. He referred the word “Dharma” and said that ‘religion ‘is not true translation of Dharma. There is no proper word of Dharma in western languages. Even one changes religion; one does not change blood, genes! So, all brothers from same ancestors should get together.
Maharaja of Sirohi, His Highness Raghuveersinhji told that once Sardar Patel told my father that “I took away powers of states from good people and gave it to dacoits and stealers!”! This type of democratic system does not answer to this problem! If we see the condition of the country today; then we soon realize that ‘our rule was much better than today’s democracy!’ Kshatriyas have ruled for more than 35 lacs of years. From the ages of Rig-Veda to 1707, Kshatriya were no. 1 power in India and many times in world also! Some of us might have changed religion due to circumstances, but our blood has not changed! We have to be united again and become the power of the Nation again!
Shreemant Maharaja Samarjitsinhji Gaekwad told that he first time met so many royal families together and was highly impressed! He assured of help for unity and socio-economic developments of Rajputs. He thanked Samantha Gujarat Rajput Samaj, all Royals and the chief guest.
Parakramsinh Jadeja (P.A.Jadeja) had made excellent arrangements for whole meeting, lunch and all other arrangements. Dr. Jayentibhai Bhadesia, Vikramsinh maharaolji was also present.


  1. Kavi Hirendrasinh Vaghela (Godhavi)

    i m very happy to see this meeting pictures ..very noce speech of inayat khan bapu of vanod state also see hard speech of ranmall bapu of navalgarh….jay mataji

  2. k.s.bhati

    Dr. Sahib privy purse nahin compensation maango. Jis tarah shahron ki development authorities jab sas paas ke gaon ki zamin development ke liye acquire karti hain aur logon ko compensation deti hain isi tarah rajput states ki bhi compensation déni chahiye aur land reform mein chheeni gai zaminon ki bhi. Compensation tu angrezon se leni chahiye thhi aur middle east aur central Asia se aane wale musalmanon se jinhon ne sadiyon India ko loota thha. Badesi musalmanon ki zaminen aur jaidaden chheen kar hinduon mein baant déni chahiye thhin. Lekin saza rajputon ko mili Jo India ke defender thhe aur Jo sadiyon se India ke liye qurbaniyan dete aaye thhe.

  3. k.s.bhati

    Dr. Sahib rajput royal families apni riyaston ke badle mein oil, gas aur electricity ki industries bhi maang sakti hain aur gold, silver, diamond, copper aur iron ki mines aur Dusri industries bhi maang sakti hain. Permanent ministries aur departments ki directorship bhi maang sakte hain. Kejriwal ne prove kar diya hai keh sabhi log corrupt hain iss liye Kisi ka lehaz na karo aur apna haq maango.


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