Foundation of AGRYS

Foundation of AGRYS (Akhil Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh)

Journey and Achievements of 25 years, which Began with a step

To quote the words of great English poet


The heights by great men reached and kept,

Were not attained by sudden flight;

But, they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upwards in the night.”

So is the story of Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh

It was on 7th of April 1985 at porbandar; Porbandar Rajput yuva circle sponsored “AKHIL GUJARAT RAJPUT YUVA SANMELLAN” and held it successfully. The discussions held during the meeting were of high orders, with serious thoughts of implementation and with unmatched discipline. This also led to the new boundaries drawn by the young rajputs about their functioning abilities present at the gathering. Also it was realized that in order to make Rajput Youth Activities such thought processing a result oriented task, a centralized platform was needed. And resolution was passed which was welcomed with great zeal and enthusiasm. The wordings of the Resolution were:

“Hereby all the present Rajput Youth Association have come together onto the decision that state level RAJPUT ASSOCIATION should be formed and should be called Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh”.

Out of all the objectives of Yuva Sangh, the base objective was to provide importance to activities touching the middle class of the caste and connected Groups should provide centralized support. Keeping this objective in mind various activities/programs/projects were conducted. Detailed reports of this various activities carried out by Yuva Sangh cannot be presented here so we would just summarize the whole for you:

Outline of Activities:

  • The formation of Rajput Yuva Sangh as a Centralized Platform was done under the joint decision and Membership of 29 Rajput Associations. Today at every District-Taluka level Rajput Yuva Sangh connected Organization is working inefficiently.
  • Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh has created a team of dedicated and disciplined individuals. Total number of members of the Sangh turns out to be 60000(including the members of other state). A union of youth in such a huge proportion under a centralized platform can be considered as Great achievements in the recent history.
  • One of the landmark achievements of Yuva Sangh is Aid for Widows. This movement since started till completed was very much welcomed by not only Rajput Families but also by all the other castes of Gujarat. Under this Aid financially poor widows should get help from Government of Gujarat’s department of Social Welfare. Various meetings were held, various community associations and even the political parties all combined with Gujarat Rajput Yuva Sangh finally got the result which meant that Widows across the Gujarat will get the lifetime monthly income of 500\-. The proof of the efficiency of Rajput Yuva Sangh is 85000 widow women across Gujarat getting the Financial Aid from the government.
  • In the year 1987-88, various presentation were made to the Central Government (New Delhi) as well as State Government (Gandhinagar) regarding the problems faced during that period of time by the Rajput Society. This was the first time such a presentation was made at the central level. Main among the various request for the central government to consider were the problems of marriages of their daughter faced by the Sodha Rajputs across the border in Pakistan which were provisionally solved by then the Home Minister (State level) Honorable Chintamani Panigrahji. Also by the immediate change in law for the cut-off education in Defense forces as S.S.C. as compared to earlier as 8th pass which meant lots of young Guajarati would become disqualified for the job, this was also provisionally solved by then Defense Minister (State level) Honorable Arunsinghji when explained in detailed

Various put forwards in front of State level ministry:

  1. During the time of drought more number of Spinning wheel were distributed.
  2. Per day wages of Spinning wheel were increased.
  3. Revised age of 14 instead of 18 was considered for Unemployed youth for registering their names in the government employment programs.
  4. During the time of draught or other natural calamities if the selection procedure is stopped or postponed and the selected person surpasses the age barrier then he/she must get 2 years of age benefit was passed
  5. Insurance against the crop and insurance against cotton crop should be made mandatory was requested by Rajput Yuva Sangh in the year 1988, which is currently being practiced.
  6. For the 100% irrigation in Saurashtra-Kutch region and long term solutions such as national river grid, state river grid etc. were made and are progressing aptly.
  • In Dwarka “Rajput Seva Samaj Guest House” was very well helped and guided by Yuva Sangh. By starting with a 101 lifetime members the project was started and today it is in a great shape (Thanks to all the donors who supported us).
  • In Mumbai When the local Rajput organization published their directory all the contact details of Gujarat Rajput offices were provided by Yuva Sangh.
  • The integral part of Rajput Yuva Sangh – the Jamnagar Sports and Study Circle held a “Samuh Vivah” and also supported Marriage Guidance Bureau. The work load behind the publishing “The Zalavad Directory” undertaken by Surendranagar Kshatriya was very well supported by Yuva Sangh.
  • The topic of “Quit Addictions” was kept in central in second conference held at Jamnagar which was blessed by the very presence of “BRAHMSWARUP PRAMUKHSWAMI MAHARAJ”.
  • In November 1989 on the day of “VIJAYA DASHMI” everybody was given the gifts of khadi and were encouraged to increase the use of “khadi” in order to increase the overall productivity of spinning wheels. Probably this was the first step towards the Gandhigiri- now days so popular.
  • In order to promote the youth to participate in activities of Yuva Sangh – A publication was made named “KSHATRIYA YUVAK SANGH A PARICHAY” which was authored by Ajitsinh of Dholera.
  • A request was made to state government, For youth to get all the required training and equip them with all necessary requirement, in order to get selected in Defense Forces.
  • In December 1991, the project for a guest house in Somnath was initiated by VERAVAL RAJPUT YUVA SANGH. This project was very well supported by Yuva Sangh from the day of its initialization. Today we have ‘SHRI HAMIRJI GOHIL SMARAK TRUST’ working efficiently in Somnath.
  • In 1993, for students not getting reservation against the law of economical backward class, the Sangh appealed against the government via a team of delegates.
  • “RAJPUT KULDEVI MANDIR” – The place where all the 12 kuldevi have been infused in one temple in Asarva, Ahmadabad. Also same is the Headquarters for Rajput Yuva Sangh.
  • Sewing classes have been established at Ahmadabad and Dhrol to increase the self dependency of women. ‘SARADUTSAV’ is conducted every year at Rajkot and Jamnagar, which is welcomed by a women in huge numbers.
  • “RAJPUT VISHWAKOSH”- THE GLOBAL DIRECTORY OF RAJPUTS. This project involves collecting information about every Rajput family based on their Native places is under progress. This would provide every Rajput a unique identity number.
  • With the help of other associated organizations such as KUTCH KATHIYAWAD RAJPUT SAMAJ- GANDHINAGAR, information and training seminars for various fields such as Competitive exams, CAREER Guidance were conducted.
  • To promote the sportsman spirit and liking towards the game a tournament of cricket is held every year in the name of “H.H. JAMSAHEB RANJITSINHJI CRICKET TOURNAMENT”.




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  1. Jyothi Jayaram singh

    Hi….. I am happy to see such a blog especially for rajputs. I too want to be a member in your blog. how could i join you people. Kindly send me the details to my mail id.

    1. admin Post author

      @Jyothiji I am glad you wanna be part of our blog. I am happy to hear this.
      Bt in what way you want to play part in organization is not clear.
      So i would request you to contact us on
      Thank you for ur support and jay mataji from Navjyotsinh Jadeja

  2. Shaktisinh Sisodiya

    First of all i have say that this site contains the eroors.
    As a Rajput Boy say that first complete this site.
    N its have only two historys of rajput.
    only GOHIL & JADEJA why?
    others are not rajput?
    give me answer then ill tell u more abt this…..
    may be this site admin dnt knw abt rajputs but the main history of india’s rajput have one Big name “Maharana Pratapsinh Sisodiya”
    Where is the name of that bravo man ?
    Who have fight in WAR for rajput only.
    But no name of that bravo man in this site…
    feeling very bad.
    So as i request u the admin of this site firts put the name of that bravo man on first page n what Maharana Pratap have done for all rajput tell in to first page,
    No a jadeja n gohil on the menu bar of the site….
    i think ull have understand all things which i have says to u.
    That’s topic here over.
    Have a nice future for this site .
    Jay mataji

    1. admin Post author

      @Shaktisinh ji I appreciate your feeling and would like to share that our authorized authors are already working on the History of other Rajput Clans…
      I must tell as an admin of this site I respect all clans of Rajputs and must say no History of Rajputs is complete without The name “MAHARANA PRATAP” so rest assured once the history is authenticated It would be on the site soon.
      Thank you very much for your support

      1. Shaktisinh Sisodiya

        Admin ya i m happy that you can understand what i have says to you.
        and you are also knows that our RAJPUT HISTORY is start from only one bravo name ” MAHARANA PRATAPSINH SISODIYA”,

        so in future you have to put photo of then and info. abt them in the first page of out site .

        Well im the student of comp engg so i knws all things things n im happy that u have made this site for rajput peoples.

        But if u wants to help anyhelp from my side then say me anytime on my mail id:

        N what is abt the achievements of the rajput boys,
        Is there any module in your site that gives the name of that brillint rajput students in this site?

        You also have to put the achievements n the name of that boys in that site .
        Now im the hacker so any help just mail me :)
        Jay Mataji

        1. admin Post author

          Respected Sisodiyaji
          we all agree in importance of Great Mahrana Pratap in history of India and History of Rajputs. But there are lot of web-sites giving lot of details of History of Mharana Pratap. So we have started with histories which r not easily available. But ultimately we will be putting history of Mewar in a very typical style, many things which r lesser known to people about Great Maharan PRATAP. About students informations, we will be doing that also ,but after we develop a mechanism to get credible,dependable informations through Rjput/kshtriya organbisations.It wil take some time. thanks for ur interests.Dr.jayendrasinh jadeja

  3. vijaysingh darbar

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Im viajaysingh chouhan
    Im serching life partner… can u help me about this topic… ?
    im from : ahmedabad

  4. sidhanth singh

    my dear friends,
    i am sidhanth singh i am warking for poor people in sahebganj [jharkhand]our poor chield free food,free home,free cloths,free education etc,
    our open a rajput girls college,please help this rajput girls collage.
    thanks. your brother
    sidhanth singh[secretry]
    gram seva samiti [,jharkhand govt of india],09472757366

    1. admin Post author

      @sidhantsinghji It is great service you are providing . Please contact on this personal email id for the same and you ll surely get the appropriate reply. :D r jayendrasinh jadeja
      Jay mataji from Navjyotsinh Jadeja


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