History of Jadeja Rajputs


image1 History of Jadeja Rajputs


Jadeja Chief in Kutchi attire during reign of Maharao Deshalji II 1838.

Jadeja(Gujarati: જાડેજા Hindi: जाडेजा) belong to Yadu or Chandravanshi [Moon Dynasty]. They are one of the 36 dynasties of old tracing their origins to Lord Krishna. They ruled huge parts of Kathiawar peninsula and Kutch until India’s independence in 1947. Jadejas have been instrumental in politics, defence and cricket. Luminaries include statesman and legendary cricketer Maharaja K.S. Ranjitsinhji, cricketer Maharaja Duleepsinhji, statesman Maharaja K.S. Digvijaysinhji, cricketer and TV personality Ajay Jadeja and India’s first Chief of Army Staff General Rajendrasinhji Jadeja.And in modern days Dr.Jayendrasinh jadeja,chief organiser of world organiser of Rajputs and chairman of All india kshtriya federation students scholarship management committee, a person who has made significant contributions in socio-economical developments of Rajputs of India.


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  • 4 Ruled States
    • 4.1 Kutch
    • 4.2 Dhrol
    • 4.3 Nawanagar
    • 4.4 Rajkot
    • 4.5 Morbi
  • 5 Culture and Ethos
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Jadejas dynasty ruled major parts of present day Gujarat,notably Kutch, Nawanagar, Rajkot, Morbi, Gondal and Dhrol. The dominant races in Kutch previous to the 9th century of Christian era were the Chavda, Kathees and Waghela, they ruled the western, central and the eastern parts of Kutch respectively. The reigning Prince of Nagar Thatta in Sindh towards the end of 8th century AD was Lakho Ghuraro. He had eight sons by two wives, the eldest son being Unad from the first wife and the other being Mod by a wife from Chawda tribe. As Unad was the eldest, he succeeded the throne by virtue of his primogeniture. Shortly afterwards brothers Mod and Manai started planning against the life of Unad in order to usurp his throne. However they did not succeed and found it necessary to go into exile with their followers to Kutch where they had maternal relations with the Chawda tribe.This was the first historically noted foray of Samma Rajputs of Sind in Kutch.After arrival in Kutch, Mod had a dispute with his maternal Uncle Chawda Whagum, The ruler of Eastern Kutch, and was killed by Mod, thereafter, Mod assumed the sovereignty of the province. There is no concrete information available for the period that followed except the names of the rulers up to five generations. They were Jam Mod, Jam Saad, Jam Phool, Jam Lakho Phoolani and Jam Pooeronjee. It is important to note here that Lakho Phoolani is the most revered and cherished warrior in the history of Kutch and Saurashtra. Jam Pooeronjee was a very cruel ruler and created despair and apathy among his dominion until he was killed by Jakhs. During this time the direct descendents of Jam Unad in Nagar Thatta Sind was Jam Jada, as he did not have any legitimate heir to the throne he adopted his brothers son Lakho, however, after adopting Lakho, Jam Jadas wife gave birth to a child named Ghao, As Jam Jada had already adopted lakho, he decided to divide his dominion equally among both his legitimate son Ghao and adopted son Lakho, however after the demise of Jam Jada, Ghao refused to give any share to Lakho and was forced to leave Sind with his twin brother Lakhiar and well wishers. Lakho and Lakhiar ventured into Kutch and slowly regained the territories in control of Chavdas, as Lakhiar was childless, Lakho named his territory after his brother and called it Lakhiarviro. As Lakho was adopted by Jam Jada, the descendants of this Lakho Jadani were called Jadejas. The name Jadeja means “Belonging to Jada” in the Sindhi and Kutchi language, and is pronounced as “Jaa day jaa.


In vikram samvat 683, present day egypt was called ‘missar’, and there was one state in missar called “shonitpur”, which was rulled by great king Jam Devendra Sama.His fore father were given title ‘Jam’ by emperor of Iran.Inthat year v.s.683, Sonitpur was attacked by Omar Khalifa, and King Devendra was defeated in that battle of sonitpur.Omar Khalifa offered the eldest son Aspat of Devendra the Throne of Sonitpur with the condition that Aspat will have to convert to Islam. So Aspat converted to Islam and became king of sonitpur. Three other brothers Gajpat,Narpat and Bhupat refused to get converted to Islam and they migrated to present day Afghanistan. They captured Gazni by defeating king Firozshah. And Jam Narpat was made King of Gaznee. He ruled a major part of Afaghanistan from Gazni for 18 years. After that in a war with Badshah of Kabul,he was defeated and he became Martyr.His son Samaji migrated to present day Sindh. (Pakistan.) They were all called “Sama” Rajputs at that time. The King of Sama Rajput was called Jam.Since that many many generations of Sama Rajputs rulled Sindh.Thier capital was “Sama nagar” or ‘Nagar-Thaththa’,100 k.m. from Karachi.,still one can see remains of ThaThaa, about 100 k.m from Karachi.around 800 v.s. ,there was very famous samrat “lakho Ghuraro” who defeated the king of kABUL also.The eldest son of Lakho Ghuraro Jam Mod sama had captured Kutchha in v.s. 875, ‘Gutaree gadh’ was its capital at that time.After that Sama Rajputs ruled Kutchha for about 200 years till v.s. 1075. The son of Mod,jam Sad, constructed great fort “kanthkot”.The greatest Ruler was Jam Lakho Fulani who rulled for 99 yers, and became martyr in a battle with mulraj solanki in Atkot( 50 k.m from Rajkot)in v.s.1035. In v.s.1185, Jam Jadaji became king of Sama nagar,sindh. He had no sons. So he adopted two sons of his Younger brother Veraji; Lakhaji and Lakhiyarji. So The names of Lakhaji and Lakhiyarji were changed to Lakhaji ‘Jadeja’, means ‘son of Jadaji. Thereafter all descendents were named ‘Jadeja’, means sons of Jadaji. This Jam Lakhaji also called Lakha Jadani, captured again Kutchchha in v.s.1203 and established his capital in “lakhiyar veero” named after his younger brother Lakhiyarji. Jam Lakho jadani is attributed to the surname Jadeja being adopted for all his descendants. Lakho Jadani reigned in Kutch between AD 1147–1175 and had one heir to the gaddi (throne), Jam Rato Raydhan, Rato means Red in Kutchi and he was so called because he used to tie a red cloth across his turban to prevent it from dislodging during battles. Jam Rato Raydhan had four sons namely, J, Dedaji, Hothiji and Gajanji and Odhaji they were given the territories of , Kanthkot, Gajod and Bara and main capital lakhiyar veero respectively in Kutch. As Othaji was the youngest and even then he was selected as occupying the main crown by GURU MAMAIYA MATANG, he ascended to the throne and the rest became a part of Bhayyat or the Brotherhood, Bhayyat is the term used for all the descendants of the royal family who own and control their own domains allocated to them within the state and adhere to the feudal system. Over the years, there were constant skirmishes due to INJUSTICE to THE elder brothers by MAMA MATANG that marred within these houses, until they merged in two groups of Othaji and Gajanji. The first incident among these which changed the history of kutch is the murder of Jam Hamirji of Lakhiarviro, chief of YOUNGER branch of Jadeja and descendant of Othaji, by Jam Rawal of Bara-TERA. It is believed that Jam Rawal attributed the murder of his father Jam Lakhaji to Hamirji, as he was killed within the territory of Lakhiarviro, and on the pretense of resolving the dispute between the two branches, took a fake oath of Maa Aashapura, the supreme deity of Jadejas, invited Hamirji for a meal and killed him by deceit. During this time Alioji and Khengarji, two sons of Hamirji were in Ahmedabad and escaped the complete destruction of the royal family perpetuated by Jam Rawal,thereafter Jam Rawal usurped the throne of Kutch and reigned with supreme authority.Thereafter Jam rawal captured Majority of area Of Saurashtra by defeating all kings af that area a great kingdom” Navanagar” was established, the capital city was called Jamnagar,which is still a promonent city of Saurashtra.Jamnagar was founded by jam Rawal on 7th day of shrawan mounth of first quarter of v.s. 1596.The Jam Rawal was never defeated in his life in any battle.In v.s.1606, Jam Rawal defeated combined forces of all kings of Saurashtra and Gujrat ,even Sultan of Ahmedabad supported opposition by giving 140 ‘guns’,which Jam Rawal did not possess.Even Then Jam Rawal defeated all in great battle of “Mithoi”! the site near present day refinery of reliance.In that Battle the younger brother of jam Rawal: Hardholji became Martyr.It was a great battle “MITHOI BATTLE”.The combined forces of all kings of saurashtra and Gujrat with support of sultan of ahmedabad, was about 2,50,000 in numbers and army of Jam Rawal was about 1,50,000. combined forces had 140 big guns ‘topas’, none in possession of Jam Rawal’s army. There was a meeting of ‘think tank’ of Jam Rawal’s army before battle started, in which it was decided that ‘we can only win the battle if we can neutralise the power of ‘guns’! If a particular screw is fitted at specific site of a big Gun, a Gun can not fire! So a huge meeting of all armymen of Jam Rawal,s army was called ,in which a ‘Beedu’ was circulated in which it was declared ” Is there any brave Rajput who can fit a screw in all the 140 big guns of combined enemy forces? That brave Rajput will be awarded with 12 villages! according to the principles of ‘beedu’, if nobody accepts that challenge, then a holi brahmin-man is killed in front of whole meeting! and the ‘great sin’ of brahma-hatya applies to all the people present in the meeting. AND also it is declared there is ‘no any brave person’ in this clan!The beedu is circulated maximally four times!Then even if no body accepts challenge , a holy brahmin man is killed! Nobody took challenge till three times, but on fourth circulation,one great brave man TOGAJI SODHA took up the challeng along with three JADEJA rajputs,and went to opposition camps in name of strangers,eager to know about ,’big-guns’!With great bravery,chivalry and skills TOGAJI SODHA and his other three collegues, made all the 140 big guns of enemies totally ‘useless’! In later part, when enemies realised, there was fierce fight between soldiers of enemies and these brave 4 persons of Army of Jam Rawal. There were 84 wounds in body of TOGAJI SODHA ,when he came back after successfully completing the task of making all the 140 big guns invalid.!TOGAJI SODHA was one of the greatest war hero of that century in the world at that time! Jam Rawals army had quite few of them. There was a great panic in the camp of combined forces once they realised that ‘ only 4 soldiers’ of Jam Rawal’s army made all of our guns invalid, then what will happen if all 1,50,000 soldiers come to fight us! As a last resort, a huge meeting of all 2,50,000 soldiers of combined forces was called and acting in same way as Jam Rawal’s strategy, they also circulated a ‘beedu’, that ‘ Is there any brave person in our clan who can bring cut head of Jam Rawal?’ A soldier named Karsanji took up the challenge. Karsanji went by putting a white flag on his ‘bhalo’, {a weapon similar to that bused by Maharan Pratap.}. A white cloth suggesta that ‘we want to surrender!’ So he was allowed to go to deepest part of army camp of Jam Rawal. Karsanji insisted that he will personally hand over the message to Jam Rawal only, not to any body else. HARDHOLJI, younger brother of Jam Rawal, and also commander of Jam Rawal’s army, told Karsanji that ” I am Jam Rawal, give me ur message” ! Karsanji thoght he is Jam Rawal, so he immediately took his Bhalo and a strong blow of bhalo was thrown on Hardholji and he was severely hurt and later died and became martyr. Jam Rawal was very furious and ordered to kill Karsanji, but by that time Karsanji ran very very fast on his horse and went out of army camp.There was a young boy of 16 years name Meramanji Hala {a sub-branch of jadeja rajputs} was busy in bathing his horse in river ‘SINHAN’,name OF HORSE WAS “Patti”, a female horse.He heard the noise and show a person running away and hundreds of people shouting and running after him some half kilometeres distance. He soon realised and immediately rided his horse ” patti” and ran after enemy soldier Karsanji.There was a great race and still some good distance was there between him and enemy. In between came river-pit some 50 feet wide, MERAMANJI asked his horse ‘patti’, that ‘this is the time of test of bravery for Hala CLAN OF jADEJA, and it is in ur hand’! The Patti horse jumped 50 feet river-pit and Meramanji Hala jadeja stood up on horse and threw his ‘SANG’( A weapon just like Bhalo ,but only contains iron,no wood with great weight about 50 to 100 kg.) on Karsanji. The Sang of Karsanji pierced through the Karsanji,his horse and went deep into the soil! This was the force of one of the greatest warroirs of the century Meramanji Hala Jadeja ! Then thousands of soldiers came and Jam Rawal came and show the bravery, chivalry of Meramanji. Jam Rawal was never a poet, but after seeing this great bravery, there were spontaneous words from mouth of Jam Rawal ” HALAJI TARA HATH VAKHANU KE PATTI TARA PAGALA VAKHANU ” Means what to praise? Whether I should praise the hands of meramanji Halaji or the legs of Patti horse! I am confused! And these words became the words of great bravery song of Gujrati Language,inspiring lacs and crores of people since centuries to fight for the Nation. ( ref: ‘Yadu-vansh prakash’ by: Kavi Mavdanji Ratnu, ‘Sarashtra no itihas’ by Sambhu prasad desai,Jadeja Vansh ane vasundhara. by Abhesang Barot). ! younger brother Hardholji was made king of Dhrol state by Jam Rawal in 1575 itself.after Jam Rawal,Jam vibhaji became King of Navanagar. After vibhaji Jam Sataji-1 became the king of Navanagar. He was again a very great warrior and Defeated great Emperor Akbar of Delhi twice. In a battle of Junagadh,near ‘Majevadi’ village ground in v.s. 1633, Jam Sattaji defeated the Moghul Akbar’s army chasing Muzffarshah-3 who was defeated in a battle with moghul army. 3335 horses and 52 elephants of Moghul army were captured by Jam Sattaji’s Commander in chief. Bhanji Dal.Keeping this inbsult in mind, Akbar attacked Jam Sattaji in 1640 again near ‘Tamachan’ village, ( AT present near Und irrigation dam) and Again Akbar’s army was badly defeated!.The very very furious Akbar dismssed suba of ahmedabd and Aziz Koko was newly appointed as governor ‘subo’ of ahmedabad,gujrat. and Jam sattaji was attacked with a huge army of 90,000 of soldiers.Off course in this famous battle ‘Bhucharmori’,near Dhrol, jam Sattaji was defeated, But akbar has to compromised with this famous king Jam Sattaji just one and half year later.and again Jam SATTAJI was the king of Navanagar.Even in famous book”Akbarnaama”, Akbar wrote ‘ Satta was very powerful and ‘notorious’ keeping army of 30,000.” After defeating Akbar’ army in v.s.1633, in battle of Majevadi,Junagadh, Jam Sattaji was given title of ” Paschim Bharat NO Badshah” by local people and local poets etc.

The Khengarji,who was inheriting kutchha, was only 15 years old when his father was murdered, he enlisted in to the army of Mahmud Begada, during one Royal Hunting party, Khengar killed a lion and saved the life of Sultan for which he was asked to name his reward, the prime ambition of Khengar was to regain Kutch and hence he asked for support to fight Jam Rawal, whereby, he was given 1000 soldiers and complete access to Morvi and given a title of Rao by the sultan Mohamad of Ahmedabad. Rao Khengar with the support of well wishers within Kutch and Morvi fought with Jam Rawal and slowly started gaining the territories of Rapar and nearby villages, as Khengar was the rightful heir to the throne he was welcomed and dissent towards Jam Rawal grew within the state of Kutch. Jam Rawal was ardent devotee of Maa Ashapura,it is believed that the Goddess indicated Jam Rawal to leave Kutch and establish himself at Halar (Saurashtra), and that she will support him in this venture.Jam Rawal set out for Saurashtra and established himself at Nawanagar. Khengar became the 1st Rao of Kutch in AD 1549 and established Bhuj as Capital.

Coat of Arms,State of Kutch

The first four Raos of Kutch ascended the throne in regular succession according to primogeniture, however after Rao Khengarji II died, there was a break in succession, and in order to prevent the throne being given to Khengarjis son by a Muslim mistress, the Bhayyat instated Tamachiji who was the second son of Rao Khengarjis younger brother.

Rulers Accession
Rao Khengarji AD 1549
Rao Bharmalji AD 1585
Rao Bhojrajji AD 1631
Rao Khengarji II AD 1645
Rao Tamachiji AD 1654
Rao Raydhunji AD 1665

After the demise of Rao Raydhunji this regularity of succession was again deviated, Raydhunji had three sons, Ravaji,Nagulji and Pragji.Ravaji the eldest son was murdered by Sodha rajputs, his second brother Nagulji had died of natural causes before, both the brothers,however had left sons, who by right were entitled to succeed the throne of kutch, but as they were young, Pragji eventually usurped the throne of Kutch and became Maharoa Pragmulji. Kayanji, the eldest son of murdered Ravaji was given Morvi, from where he unsuccessfully tried many a times to regain his rightful throne of Kutch. The descendants of Kanyoji Jadeja settled in Morvi and were called Kanyani. Thus The State of Morvi was formed.

Jam Rawal was the founder of Nawanagar, his descendants branched out and formed the state of Rajkot,and Dhrol,The descendants of Royal family of Rajkot formed Princely state of Gondal. This Genealogy is still maintained today, by the Barots of respective Jadeja Branches,and every single person in Jadeja clan can trace their ancestry through to Jam Rato Raydhun.

Rare Pictures and Portraits of Jadeja Royalty

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  • image3 History of Jadeja Rajputs
  • image4 History of Jadeja Rajputs
  • image5 History of Jadeja Rajputs
  • image6 History of Jadeja Rajputs
  • image7 History of Jadeja Rajputs
  • image8 History of Jadeja Rajputs
  • Ruled States

These were states founded and ruled by Jadejas until merger into Republic of India.


image9 History of Jadeja Rajputs







Durbar Hall at , Bhuj, built by Pragmulji II



image10 History of Jadeja Rajputs

Living quarters of Maharao Lakhpatji Aina Mahal Bhuj

  • Kutch c. 1270, Title of Rulers: Maharao; hereditary from 1 Jan 1918)
Regime Rulers Born Died
1698–1715 Pragmalji I
1715–1719 Godaji I 1719
1719–1752 Daishalji I 1752
1741–1752 Lakhpatji (regent) 1717 1761
1752–1761 Lakhpatji (s.a.) (s.a.)
1761–1778 Godaji II 1734 1778
1778–1786 Rayadhan III (1st time) 1763 1813
1786–1801 Prithvirajsinhji 1801
1786 – 5 October 1813 Fateh Mohammad (regent) (s.a.) (s.a.)
1801 – 30 Oct 1813 Rayadhan III (2nd time) (s.a.) (s.a.)
October, 1813–1814 Hosayn Miyan (regent) (s.a.) (s.a.)
November 6, 1813 – March 25, 1819 Bharmalji II 1798 1846
March 25, 1819 – July 26, 1860 Daishalji II 1814 1860
July 26, 1860 – December 19, 1875 Pragmalji II 1839 1875
December 19, 1875 – January 15, 1942 Khengarji III 1866 1942
January 15, 1942 – February 26, 1948 Vijayaraji 1885 1948
February 26, 1948 – June -01, 1948 Meghrajji 1909 1991
October 17, 1991 Pragmulji III 1989 —-


  • Dhrol c. 1535, Title of Rulers: Thakor Sahib)
Regime Rulers born die
1844–1886 Jaysinhji Bhupatsinhji
1886–1914 Harisinhji Jaysinhji
1914–1937 Dolatsinhji harisinhji
1937–1939 Joravarsinhji Deepsinhji
1939–1947 Chandrasinhji Deepsinhji


  • Nawanagar c. 1535, Title of Rulers: Jam and Maharaja Jam Sahib after April 28, 1895)
Regime Rulers Born Died
October 2, 1690 – October 13, 1708 Lakhaji Tamachi 1708
October 13, 1708 – August 13, 1711 Raisinhji Lakhaji 1711
August 13, 1711–1743 Tamachi Raisinhji 1743
September, 1743 – November 2, 1767 Lakhaji Tamachi 1743 1767
November 2, 1767 – August 6, 1814 Jasaji Lakhaji 1814
August 6, 1814 – February 24, 1820 Sataji Lakhaji 1820
February 24, 1820 – February 22, 1852 Ranmalji Sataji 1852
February 22, 1852 – April 28, 1895 Vibhoji Ranmalji 1827 1895
April 28, 1895 – August 14, 1906 Jashwantsinhji Vibhoji 1882 1906
March 12, 1907 – April 2, 1933 Ranjitsinhji Vibhoji 1872 1933
April 2, 1933 – August 15, 1947 1895 1966


  • Rajkot c. 1620, Title of Rulers: Thakore Sahib)
Regime Rulers Born Died / Killed
1620–1635 Vibhoji Ajoji 1635
1635–1656 Mehramanji I Vibhoji 1656
1656–1675 Sahibji Mehramanji 1675
1675–1694 Bamanioji Sahibji 1694
1694–1720 Mehramanji II Bamanio 1720
1720–1732 Interregnum
1732–1746 Ranmalji Mehramanji 1746
1746 – 17xx and 1794–1795 Lakhoji I Bhabhoji Ranmalji 1796
1795–1825 Ranmalji II Mehramanji 1825
1825–1844 Saroji Ranmalji 1844
1844–1862 Mehrmansinhji IV Saroji November 8, 1862
November 8, 1862 – April 16, 1890 Bawajiraj Mehrmansinhji August 30, 1856 April 16, 1890
April 16, 1890 – February 2, 1930 Lakhajiraj III Bawajiraj December 17, 1885 February 2, 1930
February 2, 1930 – June 11, 1940 Dharmendrasinhji Lakhajiraj March 4, 1910 June 11, 1940
June 11, 1940 – August 15, 1947 Pradumansinhji Lakhajiraj February 24, 1913 November 9, 1973


  • Morbi c. 1698, Title of Rulers: Thakore Sahib and Thakore Sahib Maharaja after June 3, 1926)
Regime Rulers Born Died
1698–1733 Kanyojisinghji Rawaji 1733
1733–1739 Aliyaji Kanyoji 1739
1739–1764 Rawaji I 1764
1764–1772 Pachanji Rawaji 1772
1772–1783 Waghji I Pachanji 1783
1783–1790 Hamirji Waghji 1790
1790–1828 Jyaji Waghji 1828
1828–1846 Prithirajji Jyaji 1846
– February 17, 1870 Rawaji II Prithirajji 1870
February 17, 1870 – 11 June 1922 Waghji II Rawaji 1858 1922
June 11, 1922 – June 3, 1926 Lakhdirji Waghji 1876 1957
June 3, 1926 – August 15, 1947 Lakhdirji Waghji (s.a.) (s.a.)

Culture and Ethos

Jadejas belong to the Atri Gotra therefore follow the teachings of Atri, one of the Saptarishis seven great Sages of Hinduism. Atri was instrumental in the Kurukshetra war as he advised Dronacharya.

Ashapura Maataji and Momai Maataji are Jadejas’ presiding deities. The Temple of Maa Aashapura is located in Mata no Madh about 100 kilometres north east of Bhuj.


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    congratulation & Best of lucky for future.

    Best Regards,

    Yuvrajsinh J Jadeja

  11. jadeja kripalsinh

    jai mataji all rajput brother i lik this but i want to know that do u hav any history about small kingdom for jadeja lik a jam raval , jam khambhadia , etc plzz its great job for lik our new genres, plz if u know about small kingdom history add its jaimataji


    first thanks for all the efforts done by yourgoodself and your team.
    Sir, I am from virpur bhayat and hoping more detail for that too.
    I myself is also working on our aamboo and have all the perfect detail from brahma till my son , but m more eager and working for deep details.
    Also if possible pls make a column for ambo and if possible invite the vanshavali aamboo verify it and pls place it.

    1. admin Post author

      @SATYADEVSINH JADEJA…..Thats a great work you are doing….Our Honorable Dr jadeja sir….Is already planning for that…..Jay Mataji

  13. Digvijaysinh Vijaysinh Jadeja

    like it very much
    any buddy have any kind of information abt jadeja`s pls send on my mail id


  14. mahdi shah

    Jai mata ji! goog job.I am from shikarpur sindh and working on Abda sama’s history. specially history of Jam Abdo Jadejo of kutch who was in reign of Allaudin Khilji sulltan of Dehli and fight with him.here in books of history we read that the tomb of Jam Abro Jadejo is in Raipur.Is that information is correct? can you help me in this matter.

  15. mahipatsingh jadeja

    jay mataji to all my Rajput Blud Bros & Sister .
    hi Iam Mahipatsinh Jadeja From KUtchh Moti TUmbadi Hal Patan . I do job in Ahmedabad current. thnx all of u.

  16. Rahul

    The Rajputs were the meekest rulers, who would seldom trade their daughters with moslem rulers to keep their house warm

  17. Udaysingh Solanki

    Please write about the battle of Bhuchar Mori also, this was the only battle which was fought for to protect the refugee (Sharnarthy- Asharayi) only not for any land or asset.

  18. Divyarajsinh Jadeja

    Jay mataji I read dis article and came to know about ur good knowledge in d history of jadeja rajputs bt here v can get more information about history of two branches Gajaji & Othaji out of three main branches Dedaji Gajaji & Othaji. I want to know about what happened after Jam Dedaji was given kanthkot.about their descendents,where & why they migrated, after kanthkot where d descendents of dedaji were successful to get any thorne or not as per my knowledge descendents of Dedaji possesed amaran balambha jodiya area of recent jamnagar dist and some other small areas of kathiawar after leaving kutch I also want to know who was d eldest son among J.Dedaji,Hothiji,Gajaji & Othaji I know dat getting all dis information is never an easy task. To know about d history of rajputs is my hobby & it will be great pleasure for me if i get all dis information & would be greatful to u.. Thanx

    1. diljeetsingh charan

      here i would like to give one suggestion to admin n also to the readers the history of jadeja was given in a good way in kuchh kaladhar one book which i read earlier , it was wrote by some kuchhi writer he also gives the tree of the descendes its very helpfull for the admin. jay mataji to u all. maa ashapura bless ur comunity

    2. GULABSINH Jadeja

      Dear Divyarajsinh

      to know about Jam Dedaji & Jam Hothiji,

      Jam Dedaji was Rata Raydhanji’s Eldest Son.

      know about more call 9909525905

  19. vijay singh solanki

    hukam dr. jadeja ji aap samaj ki seve uhi karte rehe aap ka koty koty naman

    BIKANER Rajsthan
    094144 26188

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    Very nice for make a history Of Jadejas Rajput I dont know deeply details u shownby this site thanks for ……………u all

  21. jadeja jayendrasinh n

    good histry for jadeja rajput i like this . jay mataji and jay ashapura ma for all of you..ok.ajl.j

  22. Dr. Kamlesh Khetia

    Dear Dr.Jadeja,
    Jay Mataji.
    I am very impressed to read your well researched History. I understand my forefathers
    were brought from Kutch to Dhrol by the then Maharaja. I belong to Rajgor(Rajyapurohit) community. My surname is Khetia. Rajgor Families were supposed to perform religious duties by the Maharajas. I am trying to trace My Family History & descendants. I am sure you may have some sort of documentations of our Community.
    May I ask you to help me Sir?
    Jay Mataji.
    Dr Kamlesh Khetia

  23. Karma

    Khama gani Bapune.
    while searching some more info on ‘khichi” Rajput. I ended up on your great web site, I have a few questions for you Respected Bapu.

    1, Jadeja, Parmar, Rathor, Gohil are the Khichi Rajput ?

    2, in the last 1000 years can you give any battles where Jadeja or any Rajput fought against Mogul or British to protect their motherland especially in Gujarat ?
    3, did any so called “Rajput Khoomari” did they take any part in India freedom moments from any Royal family? I am not talking here a few pictures with Mahatma Gandhi or Meeting him. I am talking openly opposing British rule not even then even after the independence of India to today , can you give any published statement showing showing any Royals Publicly criticizing British Rule.
    I am collecting info on this issue and to give it a fair assessment of our History , there is no better source than you.

    I know about Rana Pratap and jhasi Ki rani however I would love hear about Gujarat from you.

  24. Mitalba jadeja

    hey can see show me the history of jesal toral pls…………… i m from Jamnagar & i married in chauhan family.

    1. admin Post author

      @shraddhaba Thank you so much and please share the link to your circles so all can know it. JAY MATAJI FROM NAVJYOTSINH JADEJA

  25. Jaydipsinh Rathod

    jay mataji …very strong history….i like it very much….. i also want to know abt others clan history first, RATHOD ……………………….wait for it

  26. Indrajitsinh Vakhatsinhji Jadeja

    I am surprised to see a complete copy of Wikepedia article Jadeja which was painstakingly gathered by me, and is reproduced here including the pictures which I took at Bhuj palace, which have been produced here.
    the author of the whole article in Wikepedia was me “Khengar”
    The sketch of Barvaji, representing jadeja rajputs was again selected by me and so was the whole history and origins of the clan. except for the history of Jamnagar,

    Neverthless, I am not disappointed, at least our brothers know the history and our origins by visitng this site.

    Since you have undertaken to publish this information, it would be good if you can dig the history and details of Jadeja vansh of Rajkot, Dhrol and Gondal.

  27. jadeja virandra sinh .n kothara kutcch,

    Thanks for our history known to all jadeja great job sir jay mataji to you and all thi vizetr s,


    Respected Sir, Jai Mataji,
    First time I came into to know about the information on JADEJA pariwar,
    I will be pleased if we get the AMBO (tree) on the Jadeja pariwar.


    dear sir during to 26/2/1948 to 1/5/1948 king of kutch was MAHARAO SHRI MADANSINHJI JADEJA not MEGHARAJJI JADEJA madansinh was last maharao of the kutch.

  30. Rushirajsinh Zala

    વિકીપીડીયા માથી કૉપી કરવાને બદલે તમારે પોતે કઇક લખવુ જોઇએ.

    1. admin Post author

      @Rushirajsinh Zala Wikipedia nu article is copied from our site ..The author of the wiki articles is Dr. Jayendrasinh Jadeja. So we dont require to copy it.
      Thank you for visiting
      Web admin-Navjyotsinh Jadeja

  31. Jigneshsinh JadeJa

    Jay Mataji Bhai,

    It’s really really very nice to know about our history…

    Born to Rule… Grown to Conquer

    - JadeJa -

  32. Janmejaysinh A. Jadeja

    jay mataji sir….deeply appreciate your work for what you are doing for our proud cast….out of your tight schedule..thanks a lot for that…not many scholars of our cast are as much interested as you, in upliftment our castfellows and our fallen pride…thanks again….sir I wanted to make something under your notice…that when i searched for jadeja in wikipedia….it has an article…a stub….about jadeja..which was not the same as it was earliar…which was far better in detail and in content,i must say….why this happened i don’t know…but in new article, it describes something about the female infanticide pratice in our cast in colonial times,and it also says this practice is continous to some extent in our cast even today….now sir…that is really offfencive to my concious…do something,,,if you can sir…i really appreciate…thank u….jay mataji…

  33. krup jadeja moti tumbadi

    jai mataji everyone…….

    Thanks for this useful information. it would helps to a persons who belongs to our community. …….

    from: krup jadeja…moti tumbadi

  34. Ancient Archaeologist

    When we talk about Kutch no Itihas, it is not as it mantion itihas of SOME RECENT kINGS, itihas goes beyond that
    1) itihas written in Books of few centuries
    2) Itihas hidden underground, of Archeology and Purans of few thousands of year,
    3) Itihas hidden in stone formation – Geological History of Kutch in Millions of years.

    Also when a History of people are said , it is incoplete when not explained correctly
    Presently ONLY one clan is shown – is that all?

    What about the people of KUTCH? every one in kutch is arrived from oiut of kutch and migrated to Kutch – So who is Original KUTCHies?

    No one has searched for Mauryan in KUTCH!
    Actually None has explained the all details of Kshatriyas ,
    There are 36 KULs of Kshatriya’s all have their differen Kuldevies,

    Outy of those 36 Kuls ONLY one is Chandravanshi, and Amongst the Chandravanshi Kul Jadeja is only on CLAN ONLY.

    Kutch has Many Kshatriya Kuls are still present , Lohana are Raghuvanshi – Kshtriya Kul,
    Kanbies are Kadhal Khatriya

    So actually need to go in details of all 36 Kshatriya Kuls and each in details with Sub Clan system.
    Parmar, Chavda, dabhi etsc all are Khatriya Kuls of those 36 Kuls




    <a very good and super iformation hisyory of jadeja rajput somuch very like jay ASHAPURA MA.JAY MATAJI ALL JADEJA PARIVAR.

  37. Ancient Archaeologist

    I am looking for information of following – with any records of ancestry details

    1) Is Jadeja family related to Juneja or Not? if yes then How?

    2) Jadeja also has surname MOD (from Modji) – SO Mod family has records of ancestry,. But I can not trace any family of MANAI brothers of Mods, So any one knows the Family of MANAI, ancestry details?

    3) In KANTHKOT – mod made one well called MOD KUWA in bottom of Velly of KUTHKOT, has anu one visted the well – any Pictures?

    4) Guntali Gadh had PADIAS of 7 SANDHs but Now Only 1-2 is seen – where are the other padiyas?


    jay mataji

    jay rajputana



    jang khai talvar se yudh nagi lade jate

    langde gode pe dav nahi lagay jate

    yuto dharti pe lakho veer hotehe par sabi MAHARANA PRATAP SINH nahi hote

    khubsurat har ladki hoti he par sabi RANI PADMANI nahi hoti

    dharti par put to sabi hotehe par sabi RAJPUT nahi hote. jay mataji



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